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5 Ways To Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays

Published: December 8, 2019 | Author: Matt Eaton | Comments: No Comments

The holiday season is coming up fast. Beneath the surface of our excitement, there’s the niggling fear of weight gain, which most adults dread. The holiday season often marks the beginning of festive foods, which in turn, lulls us into a sedentary lifestyle characterized by constant overeating.

By the time the holiday season is over, most Americans add at least a pound or two. Adding just an extra pound doesn’t sound terrible, so why should we be concerned, right? Wrong.

A study conducted at the National Institutes of Health found that most Americans don’t lose the extra pound even after the holidays are long over. Hence, holiday after holiday, the extra weight gain accumulates. The extra weight gain, if left unchecked, can ultimately lead to obesity and other lifestyle problems such as diabetes.

The real question is: how can one avoid weight gain during the festive season? The temptations are stacked in every corner and everybody else seems to be enjoying themselves. To help better prepare you, below, we’ve outlined five ways to avoid gaining weight over the holidays.

Be Mindful

Being mindful is a practice that should be practised and cultivated all year round and not just the holiday season. Avoid distractions in the form of work or your smartphone as you eat. This way, you can concentrate on what your eating and also watch out for signals indicating that you are full.

Watch Your Portion Sizes

The festive season often encourages overeating. It’s so much a practice of any festivity that we rarely think twice about it. However, to avoid weight gain, you need to watch your portion sizes. The best way to do this is by using smaller plate.

Stay Active

Another priority that tends to fly out the window during the holidays is exercise or simply leading an active lifestyle. The number one reason to weight gain during such seasons, other than overeating, is not giving priority to one’s fitness.

If you’ve travelled to your family’s home area, look for a nearby gym that you can be going to while you’re there. Watching what you eat, how much you eat and exercising are the ingredients necessary to lose weight.

Stick To One A Day

There’s a rule known as one- a- day. This rule implies that you stick to one snack or treat a day, regardless of where you are If you are at a party, make sure to have only one cookie, instead of a number of sugary treats at one go.

Snack Wisely

The festive season is the time when snacks are freely available, whether you’re at the office, at the store or even at a friends’ house. Their availability makes it hard to resist, and we can easily findourselves munching away mindlessly. This can get worse if you are hungry and need something to eat,

Snacks such as frosted cookies and chocolate-covered doughnuts can be filling, but they only count as calories. They are filled with sugar, unhealthy fats and salt; ingredients that encourage weight gain. To avoid this, always carry fruit with you. You can carry packed vegetable or fruit salad to help fill you up when you get hungry.

In Montgomery, Texas, we don’t take the festive season lightly. It is tradition, and learning the above tips can be extremely helpful in keeping weight gain at bay. After the holidays, be sure to give Eaton Elite a visit. Our gym will help you lose weight effectively and safely.

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Posted by: Matt Eaton

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